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Table Tennis World Team Cup 2007 - Womens Final - Park Me Young vs Zhang Yining

Alois Rosario and Brett Clarke show some serious and some fun aspects of table tennis

This exhibition point between ex-Chinese Team Members Wang Hao and Chen Xinhua shows both table tennis skills and acrobatics

Match between Jean-Michel Saive (BEL) against good friend Chuang Chih-Yuan (TPE)

Collection of awesome points by top players including Waldner Persson Liqin Kreanga Boll Samsonov Legout Ma Lin Hao and Maze

Sorry, this one is just plain cute

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2005 World Cup - Select Points - Wang Hao vs Timo Boll

Liebherr Super Cup 2008 - Timo Boll vs Werner Schlager

Lobbing at its finest - Samsonov, Boll, Saive, Waldner, Maze, Wang Hao, and Joo Se Hyuk

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