Tournaments at The New Hampshire Table Tennis Club

2014 New Hampshire Fall Round Robin Open - November 22, 2014

Congratulations to

Group A Winner Bob Treitel
Group A Runner-Up Waldemar Ruppel
Group B Winner Chris Chao
Group B Runner-Up Bill Swift

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NHTTC Championship Night

We have suspended Championship Night tournaments for the next few months. If you would like to bring back these fun tournaments, please let us know.

Championship Night is a monthly tournament, held on the last Sunday of every month, at the NH Table Tennis Club in Manchester, NH. All players are welcome to participate and are grouped by skill level so that everyone gets to play many matches with people of their same skill level. There is no extra fee to participate in this event, just the usual $5/adult and $3/under-18 admission fee to the club. The winners are awarded actual gold (colored) medals.

2014 Winter Round Robin Open Results

Group A: Vladimir Shapiro, Richard DeWitt
Group B: Brian Liu, Robert Duperron
Group C: Tom Vitzthum, Bill Swift
Group D: Jerry Bacon, Peter Becker

2013 Round Robin Open Results

Group A: Vladimir Shapiro, Chase Bockoven
Group B: David Haugh, Long Zheng
Group C: Moldobaev Dilmurat, Lazlo Nagy
Group D: John Bolton, Doug Pryce
Group E: Steve McFadden, Peter Becker
Group F: Robert Campeau, Larry Labric

2012 Round Robin Open Results

Group A: Alex Likerman, Jerry Vasquez
Group B: Claude Boulard, Dmitri Fomin
Group C: Xiaofeng Tan, Scott Lester
Group D: Arthur Theroux, Robert Duperron
Group E: Robert Treitel, John Olapurath
Group F: Nicolas Gangi, Irfan Barucic
Group G: Douglas Hill, Henry (Hank) Roy
Group H: George Wei, Justin Liu

2011 Round Robin Open Results

Group A: Larry Bavly, Richard DeWitt
Group B: Dmitri Fomin, Asmir Barucic
Group C: Richard Shea, Robert Duperron
Group D: Robert Treitel, John Olapurath
Group E: Darren Wang, William R Swift
Group F: Andrew Goldstein, Douglas Danforth
Group G: David McCollester, Justin Liu

2010 Round Robin Open Results

Group A: Richard DeWitt, Larry Bavly
Group B: Eric Zheng, Ying Shan
Group C: Jens Lachmann, Scott Lester
Group D: Jim Nason, Robert Treitel
Group E: Brian Perkins, Arlen Bloodworth

2009 Round Robin Open Results

Group A: Alex Likerman, Markus Kirsten
Group B: Paul Ferriero, Keto Tan
Group C: John Simpson, Jim Nason
Group D: Scott Lester, John Simpson
Group E: Justin Perkins, George Wang
Group F: Darren Wang, Ryan Heden

2008 Round Robin Open Results

Group A: Larry Bavly, Jerry Vasquez
Group B: Alex Chaung, Dmitri Fomin
Group C: Trevor Reinhardt, Cory Johnson
Group D: Mohamad Al-Sabek, Zinovy Bokhman
Group E: Vignesh Dharmarajan, John Simpson
Group F: Douglas Hill, Nathan Olson
Group G: Anders Olson, Eric York
Group H: Sebastian Taylor, Mateusz Swierszcz

2007 Round Robin Open Results

Group A: Rich DeWitt, Trung Pham
Group B: Alex Landsman, Logan Rudemiller
Group C: Sean Farley, Asmir Barucic
Group D: Andrew Owens, Robert Duperron
Group E: Jim Nason, Patricia Prescott
Group F: Connor Bockoven, Chris Wang
Group G: William Swift, Daniel Ohno
Group H: Paul Ohno, John Simpson

2006 Round Robin Open Results

Group A: Rich DeWitt, Lim Ming Chui
Group B: Slawomir Marczak, Trung Pham
Group C: Sanjin Osmancevic, Ken Cameron
Group D: Mohamad Al-Sabek, Hung Voduc
Group E: Andrew Owens, Robert McPartlan
Group F: Taylor Wilk, Andy Venikov
Group G: Jane Freydina, William Swift
Group H: Boping Lai, Nina Xue

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