Learning More About Table Tennis

Here are a few websites that can help you learn more about table tennis.

USATT is a non-profit organization devoted to Olympic and competitive table tennis.  They sponsor the USA Olympic Table Tennis Team, US table tennis ratings, and most  table tennis tournaments in the US. 

Delphi Forum on Table Tennis is a moderated forum for discussions of table tennis, with an emphasis on table tennis in the USA.   Having a moderator keeps this group on topic and civil.  They ask you to view a few advertisements before you get to the discussion group but you don't have to poke the ads to get through to the discussion.

About Table Tennis is a large website lots of information on the sport of table tennis.  You can learn about the sport, about places to play, about tips for improving your game, and about different equipment.  This commerical website is also full of advertisement.

CanupNet is an enormous website filled with links to other table tennis websites around the world.  This website is designed and maintained by Terry Canup solely for the purpose of exposing people to the wide range of clubs, dealers, and articles on table tennis.  At last count, Terry had assembled, sorted, and organized over 3,000 links!

rec.sports.table-tennis is a world-wide discussion group that is hosted by google and has hundreds of messages per month.  This group has no moderator, so the discussion can sometimes drift off topic or get petty.

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