About The New Hampshire Table Tennis Club

The New Hampshire Table Tennis Club is a friendly, family club.  We get together every Sunday at 5PM to play table tennis. We set up eight tables in the gym at the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester, at 555 Union Street, in downtown Manchester, NH.  The gym features great lighting, a nice hardwood floor, high ceilings, and plenty of space.

Our members include children, adults, seniors, amateurs, advanced players, and some top competitors.  We are also honored to have Coach Man-Wa Wong with us for private and group lessons. 

Once a year, we run a tournament at the club, but other than that, we just get together for fun.  If you want to get some exercise, improve your game, meet new people, or try your skills in some friendly competition, you'll find it here. 

We've prepared a flyer to share with people interested in our club.  Click here to see or print your own copy of the flyer.

One of our members, Malcolm Anderson, has devoted much of his life to photographing table tennis.  You can see some of Mal's work by clicking here.

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